Whether you need casual retail staff for the upcoming holiday season, your restaurant needs front-of-house staff for a function, or employees are on maternity leave, seeking temporary staffing from an employment agency is an ideal solution for your business. Temporary staffing can fill the gap quickly without long-term commitment.

If you’re on the fence about temporary workplace staffing, here are five reasons why temporary labouring is beneficial for your business:

  1. Increased flexibility 
    Employment staffing temporarily means you can have all hands on deck during the busy periods when you require additional staff, without the added commitment of a long-term contracted employee.
  2. Be prepared for large-scale projects or functions 
    If your construction business has a massive project and requires additional contractors on-site, temporary workplace staffing means you can hire based on your needs. Alternatively, scale up your security through temporary labour hire on a project-to-project basis.
  3. Have a trial period
    Trialling an employee temporarily is ideal for assessing their workplace performance before committing to full-time employment.
  4. Convenience
    An employment agency takes the time-consuming process of finding a staff member off your hands so you can focus on your work. 
  5. Optimise your work performance
    The best perk of introducing new employees to your business is opening your organisation to new skills to streamline specific tasks more efficiently. Whether you require a construction worker specialising in using a certain machine or an experienced barista to cover peak morning hours at your cafe, an employment agency will find a suitable candidate to exceed your expectations. 

If your company is on the hunt for temporary staffing, TLH Recruitment is the employment agency you can count on for all your labour hire needs. James Marroun, the owner and Managing Director of TLH Recruitment, successfully built TLH Recruitment from the ground up, ensuring his clients’ expectations are exceeded with consultants that specialise across various industries to find the perfect candidate for labour hire.