The job market has undoubtedly become more competitive, with an increase in Zoom meetings as the new norm post-COVID-19 pandemic. This has made it easier for candidates to apply for more positions than in the past. With our unemployment rate in Australia decreasing to 3.4% and hiring remaining competitive, businesses need to adjust their recruitment trends accordingly.

This helpful blog will discuss new trends in recruiting that businesses can take to improve their recruitment strategy for the long term.

Top 7 new trends in recruiting to improve your recruitment strategy

The employer must be aware of the new trends in recruiting in 2023 to adjust their recruitment strategy accordingly. And what better way to maintain a competitive edge than outsourcing your recruiting needs?

By outsourcing your recruitment needs to TLH Recruitment, you can count on us to ensure your hiring is in line with the following recruitment trends:

  • Prioritising internal candidates

When employing an individual, aside from their skills and qualifications for the role, a core component to consider is their character and whether or not they’re the right fit for your business. And who do you know better than your current employees? Employers can focus on upskilling their current workforce and determine which new roles are required and which employees would be the ideal candidates for the role.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) platforms with predictive analytics, employers can better shortlist potential candidates and develop personalised career paths inspired by their goals and interests.

  • Acquiring long-term talent

At TLH Recruitment, we understand businesses may be pressured to hire new employees and need more resources to sift through resumes and attend job interviews. A quick hire, albeit a short-term solution, is not the best idea if the employee doesn’t stick around for long. It’s in the best interest of your business to ensure your new employees are the right fit for the role.

By partnering with TLH Recruitment agency, you can count on us to narrow down the talent pool and find suitable candidates interested in climbing the corporate ladder with your business for the long term. We will function as the intermediary to ensure all your boxes are ticked and that new hires feel you’re invested in their long-term success.

  • Embracing the benefits of short-term professionals

While long-term hires are great for promoting the growth of their internal business, the latest recruitment trends indicate an increase in contract employment. People seeking short-term contracts like part-time, casual or temporary employment are often highly skilled, project-based individuals who could be a valuable addition to finite projects or fill a role temporarily.

Short-term employees have the necessary experience to smoothly transition into a role and adjust to your work environment. And if you decide they’re a great asset to your team, there’s always the option to hire them permanently if it suits their schedule.

  • A flexible, hybrid working model

If there’s anything that the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, workers can be just as productive working from home. That said, a balance is essential since organisations can’t necessarily maintain their workplace culture if everyone is at home seven days a week.

That’s where flexible, hybrid working models come into play. Hybrid work allows employees to work part of their week from home, have more time on their hands for other life commitments, and interact with colleagues the other part of their week in the office. To attract top talent, your business should strongly consider the new recruiting trend of a hybrid work model to keep up with other employers and maintain employee productivity.

  • Fostering a work-life balance

The traditional 9-5 work schedule has shifted to a far more fluid schedule for most employers. Remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic has indicated that if feasible, it’s in the business’s best interest to provide employees with the flexibility to choose their hours to allow for better work-life integration. Whether it’s dropping off and picking up the kids from school or attending a gym class in the morning or afternoon, managers are increasingly assessing success by the employees’ work output rather than keeping a close eye on the clock.

  • Welcoming back retirees

With an uncertain economy and shrinking retirement accounts, it’s become common for retirees to return to their previous workplace seeking employment. It’s in your organisation’s best interest to maintain professional relationships with employees who leave and make them feel welcome to return if they please.

  • A more measured approach to hiring

There’s an increased pressure for talent managers to collaborate with business leaders to recognise their hiring needs for the coming year. Recruiting trends predict a slowdown in hiring as employers place more emphasis on calculated hires than knee-jerk ones to fill seats that may not last the long haul.

By outsourcing your recruitment to TLH Recruitment, our seasoned recruitment consultants will build a network across specialist areas to deliver the best talent pool for your business.

TLH Recruitment — the recruitment agency you need by your side

TLH Recruitment prides itself on its ability to adjust to your business needs and works hard to establish long-standing relationships with our clients, helping you develop connections with candidates that add value to your business. Our work practices are built on the foundation laid out by the owner and Managing Director of TLH Recruitment, James Marroun. His first priority is ensuring our clients are paired with the perfect candidates for the job across various industries.

To learn more about how TLH Recruitment can help you prepare for new recruiting trends, contact us today and explore our blog to learn the benefits of outsourcing your recruitment needs.

James Marroun

James Marroun, James Marroun, the founder and Managing Director of TLH Recruitment, has 20 years of industry expertise owning his construction business. This has seen him build his valuable team at TLH, who leverage his invaluable industry knowledge, technology and experience. James’ passion for his work is clear from his hands-on approach at TLH through interviews, staff check-ins and regular site visits.