If you’re on the hunt for your next role, chances are you’ve been asked to submit a cover letter as part of your application. Writing cover letters is an important aspect of job applications, as they allow job seekers to showcase their passion, motivation and relevant skills to recruiters. A well-written cover letter can set a job candidate apart from other applicants and increase their chances of being selected for an interview. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the purpose of cover letters and provide tips on how to write a strong cover letter that will grab a recruiter’s attention.

The purpose of a cover letter

A cover letter is a document that accompanies a job application and provides a brief introduction of the job seeker, including their interest in the role, relevant qualifications and any other information that the applicant believes is important to share. 

Recruiters use cover letters to gain insights into the job seeker’s personality, communication skills and motivation for the role. 

Four tips for writing a cover letter recruiters can’t say no to

While they may seem tedious, cover letters play a crucial role in recruitment. But how can you ensure your application reaches the top of the pile? Check out our four top tips for writing strong cover letters below!

Customise your cover letter for each job application

One of the most important things to remember when writing a cover letter is to customise them for each job application. This means tailoring your cover letter to match the job requirements and the company you are applying to. Recruiters can easily spot a generic cover letter used for multiple job applications, giving the impression that the job seeker is not genuinely interested in the role.

To customise your cover letter, research the company and the role you are applying for. Use the job description to identify the key skills and qualifications required for the role and highlight your relevant experience and skills in your cover letter. This will show the recruiter that you have taken the time to understand the company and the role and have the skills and experience necessary to succeed.

Demonstrate your passion and motivation 

Recruiters want to hire candidates who are passionate about the role and the company. When writing a cover letter, convey your enthusiasm for the role and the company by discussing why you are interested in the position and what you can bring to the table. This can include discussing your career goals and how the role fits into your long-term plans.

Researching the company and showing your knowledge of their products or services are also important. Doing so indicates that you have taken the time to understand the company and its mission and are genuinely interested in working for them.

Highlight your skills and experience

Another important aspect of a cover letter is to highlight your skills and experience. However, it is important to do this in a short and concise way. Recruiters receive hundreds of job applications and do not have the time to read lengthy cover letters. Your cover letter should not be longer than one page, focusing on your most relevant skills and experience.

When listing your skills and experience, use examples to demonstrate your achievements. For instance, if you are applying for a marketing role, you could mention a successful marketing campaign you led in your previous role. This will give the recruiter a better grasp of your skills and experience and how they can be applied in the new role.

Always include a call to action (CTA)

Many applicants need help with how to conclude their cover letter. We recommend always ending your cover letter with a CTA. A CTA refers to the action you would like the recruiter to take, such as requesting an interview or asking for a follow-up call. 

Including a CTA tells the recruiter that you are proactive and confident in your application and are highly interested in moving forward in the recruitment process. 

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Since 2009, James Marroun has served as the owner and Managing Director of TLH Recruitment, bringing his 20 years of experience as a successful construction business owner to build and manage a competent team that takes care of all clients. He has extensive experience working with many industries across Australia, including FMCG, hospitality, logistics and warehousing, information technology, finance and more. 

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James Marroun

TLH Recruitment’s work practices are shaped by James Marroun, the founder and Managing Director of TLH Recruitment. His 20 years of industry expertise owning his construction business inspired the growth of TLH, which leveraged his invaluable industry expertise. James’ passion for his work is clear from his hands-on approach at TLH through interviews, staff check-ins, and his volunteering efforts to positively impact the community. James and his team at TLH volunteer at Ronald McDonald House Charities to prepare delicious meals for families with seriously ill or injured children to give them one less thing to worry about.