TLH Security Services is a trustworthy single point of contact for all your Security labour hire needs.

With a comprehensive range of solutions, we are built to deliver permanent, contract, temporary or outsourced labour services within the security industry. We have been supplying national recruitment solutions for over 12 years with a focus on sourcing talent and striving for excellence in service for our customers and candidates.

TLH Security Services was formed to support businesses looking to reduce staffing overheads, providing the ability to deal with shifting market demands, increased productivity and more importantly to help increase profitability for your organisation.

By eliminating administration management around Sick leave pay, insurances, payroll tax, workers compensation, superannuation and claiming back GST, our labour hire solutions and market leading technology will create more focus for growing your business.

When you partner with TLH Security Services, you’ll gain access to our pool of skilled and pre-screened candidates and dedicated recruitment consultants. This allows you to quickly have a shortlist of business support professionals available and select only the most suitable candidate to fill your vacancy.

We understand the sudden loss of key employees or spike in customer demand can occur which could lead to making decisions that could potentially undermine your company’s values.

To help eliminate this risk of hiring a permanent employee who isn’t a great cultural fit for your existing workforce, engaging temporary professionals is a cost-effective and agile way to bridge gaps within your operation without compromising your internal culture whilst ensuring your business’ bottom line continues to grow.