Finding the right candidate for a temporary or permanent role can be time-consuming and expensive. If you don’t have a dedicated HR team, the process may even take away resources from your actual business needs and delay your organisation’s overall goals. 

Using an agency to help with recruitment can be a timesaver for your business. Recruitment agencies have the necessary experience to source and determine if a candidate possesses the skills and expertise you need and is the right fit for your team — saving you both time and money by hiring and training the right person for your roles.

No matter your business size, the right recruitment agency can help you find and develop connections with key candidates. But how can you get the most out of a recruitment agency?

What is a recruitment agency?

It’s important to understand how recruitment agencies work and what they can do for your business so you can benefit from their vast services. 

Recruitment agencies can help you from beginning to end — from understanding your culture and determining your needs to finding the right candidate and managing communications. Generally, a recruitment agency’s process is rigorous. Even tedious tasks like checking references and drafting a shortlist are part of an agency’s responsibilities. This way, you can protect your bottom line and reduce your financial risk. 

Tips to keep in mind to get the most out of a recruitment agency

A recruitment agency’s responsibility is to find the best candidate for your business needs. But how can you make the most of your partnership? Review our tips below!

1. Disclose your needs and goals in detail

Working with an agency works best if you can identify your needs and goals. For instance, do you need to adjust resourcing and staffing during peak season, or do you need a team member to help you scale in the long term? 

You will also want to ensure you have the skills, experience and attitude you need to be laid out clearly. If you can outline particulars, such as the salary rate, plan for growth and other expectations, your recruitment agency can get the ball rolling quickly and efficiently. The more details you can provide, the more effective the recruitment outcome will be. 

2. Outline the recruitment process

Having a good idea of a recruitment agency’s process can help you understand what your role needs and introduce any trial or skills test you may have. Being fully aware of the process can also give you an idea of what stage a candidate has progressed in the recruitment pipeline. 

3. Set a realistic timeline

If your needs are urgent, let your recruitment team know. However, it’s best to set a realistic time frame — after all, the perfect candidates take time to find. This also gives you the confidence and leeway to reject candidates instead of compromising your needs to fill the role. Your recruitment agency should also give you an idea and a rough timeline to manage your expectations. 

4. Get to know your recruiter

Recruitment agencies may assign a dedicated recruiter or team to your organisation, depending on your needs and how active a role they will play in your business. Once you’ve met your dedicated recruiter or team, invite them to your organisation and let them see your culture and how things work for themselves. With this information, they can tailor their recruiting methods to acquire candidates who will seamlessly integrate into your team. 

5. Ask about the costs upfront

Working with a recruitment agency will entail certain fees, and understanding how that works is essential, so you don’t get left with any surprises. Make sure to have an upfront discussion about how fees work before you contract an agency to work for you. 

6. Opt for insider expertise

If you’re working in a niche industry, contracting an agency will help you streamline your talent acquisition approach. They have a network of contacts they can deploy to find you a candidate that matches your needs. For instance, if your business is in the logistics industry, look for a recruitment agency with experience hiring transport managers, administration and logistics support and warehouse labourers. 

Working with a recruitment agency that has experience in your industry can also speed up the process, as they may already have a database of employees perfect for your needs. 

7. Be open to feedback 

The right recruitment agency will deliver a wealth of knowledge and present ideas you haven’t thought of before. For instance, they may recommend a flexible position instead of a temporary or permanent role that can deliver long-term cost savings. By being open to recommendations, you may be able to save significantly on time and money. 

8. Maximise your time with given candidates

The recruitment agency process involves several interviews. The first interview may determine a candidate’s cultural fit, while the second addresses their skill level. Your recruitment agency should provide you with a short list of strong candidates and advise you on how to conduct your discussion. Maximising your time during each interview can expedite the process and reduce the time it takes to fill your desired position. 

9. Make use of agency resources

Some recruitment agencies may have training resources, typically short courses relevant to their industries. Take advantage of these by enrolling your employees and augmenting their on-the-job skills. Ultimately, this will benefit your company as they can bring in new ideas and perspectives. 

10. Keep an open line of communication with your agency

Stay in touch with your recruitment agency. Time is of the essence in recruiting — and you don’t want to miss out on the perfect candidate. It’s also important to communicate any changes you want, such as adding additional skills a candidate may need or removing compulsory experience to expand the recruiting pool. 

This applies even after the recruitment and onboarding process, as providing feedback and maintaining communication allows the recruiter to serve your needs better and find the right hires in the future. 

Let TLH Recruitment find the best candidate for your needs

Whether your company needs a temporary or permanent employee, TLH Recruitment is the recruitment agency you can rely on. We work based on the principles of the owner and Managing Director of TLH Recruitment, James Marroun, who is dedicated to ensuring that we connect our clients with the right candidates across various industries. 

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James Marroun
James Marroun
James Marroun has been the owner and Managing Director of TLH Recruitment since 2009. His 20 years of owning his construction business have seen him successfully build his team at TLH, ensuring all his clients are well looked after. James’ passion for his work is evidenced by his heavy involvement in the TLH business through interviews, staff check-ins and regular site visits.