Established in 2009, TLH Recruitment is an Australian owned boutique recruitment agency offering tailored recruitment and labour-hire solutions to a broad range of industries. Specialising in providing diligent screening processes for both blue and white-collar or payroll and onboarding solutions, we work closely with our clients to determine what talent they require and provide the best possible outcome.

TLH Recruitment was started primarily to become a “service first led” recruitment company. Reducing the load with managing and sourcing staff and minimising financial and cultural risks to your business. Our strong reputation has been built on over the last 11 years supplying quality candidates awarding us significant pride in our repeat customers. Some of Australia’s major companies are still with us from the beginning which is a testament to our work ethic and service level.

As DNA expresses itself differently based on its environment, TLH Recruitment was structured to also allow flexibility to offer a service that can adapt to your business needs and grow while staying true to its core. Business can be complex at times and not all businesses are the same so it’s vital to have a partner that can help with your transition and development.

We manage recruitment for all levels in any size of businesses within:

Our formula for success is driven through our highly experienced recruitment consultants who primarily focus on building networks in specialist areas allowing us to deliver the best talent pool to our clients. Leveraging off industry knowledge, technology, and industry experience, we pride ourselves on our service while ensuring we can understand, support, and execute any recruitment request.

TLH Recruitment works hard to promote long-lasting relationships with both our clients and candidates as both are just as important as each other. People are our DNA, and we love what we do!

Our Mission

“Our goal is to be an industry leader for sourcing talent and providing tailored solutions specific to your individual needs. Strong core values of consistency, transparency, and credibility will help us create and maintain long-lasting partnerships and relationships between our clients and candidates.
People are our DNA”.

Mr J. A. Marroun, Founder & Managing Director