We are TLH Recruitment!

Welcome to TLH Recruitment - an esteemed Australian-owned boutique recruitment agency founded in 2009 by James Marroun. Our commitment to exceptional service and tailored solutions has made us a trusted name in the industry.

At TLH Recruitment, we specialise in delivering top-notch screening processes for blue and white-collar positions, as well as efficient payroll and onboarding solutions. Our expertise spans across various industries, and we take pride in understanding our client's unique talent requirements to ensure the best outcomes.

Our journey began with a vision to be a "service-first led" recruitment company, alleviating the burden of staff management and sourcing for businesses while minimising financial and cultural risks. Over the years, we have earned a strong reputation and garnered repeat customers, including major companies in Australia - a testament to our unwavering work ethic and exceptional service levels.

Just as DNA adapts to its environment, we too remain flexible in adapting our services to suit your business needs while staying true to our core principles. Our goal is to be your dependable partner during times of transition and development, making business complexities easier to navigate.

TLH Recruitment caters to businesses of all sizes and levels within a wide range of sectors:

The key to our success lies in our highly experienced recruitment consultants who focus on building strong networks in specialised areas, enabling us to access the best talent pool for our clients. Combining industry knowledge, technology, and experience, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service and executing any recruitment request flawlessly.

At TLH Recruitment, fostering enduring relationships with both our clients and candidates is paramount. People are at the heart of what we do, and we are genuinely passionate about our work!

If you're looking for bespoke recruitment solutions that prioritise your needs, partner with TLH Recruitment today. Let us help you find the perfect fit for your organisation's success.


Our Founder, James Marroun

James Marroun’s passionate and loyal character is evident in TLH Recruitment’s reputation as an organisation that gives back to the community. James has paved the way for TLH Recruitment to positively impact the community’s health, volunteering their time and efforts to make a difference in the lives of children suffering from illness or disease. TLH Recruitment participated in Dare to Cure 2020 and again in 2022 to raise $5000 to support children’s cancer research for children with leukaemia to detect their risk of relapse.

James Marroun and his team from TLH Recruitment participated in the Meals from the Heart program, contributing delicious home-cooked meals to Ronald McDonald House Charities in Greater Western Sydney (RMHC GWC) — providing support for families of sick or injured children. TLH Recruitment’s commitment to RMHC GWC helps support up to 2100 families Australia-wide that seek support from RMHC.

TLH Recruitment’s reputation precedes its name with long-standing clients across many sectors, from manufacturing to security, building and construction, and more. With their active contribution to the Australian community, it’s no wonder TLH Recruitment is Australia’s preferred recruitment agency.

Our Mission

“Our goal is to be an industry leader for sourcing talent and providing tailored solutions specific to your individual needs. Strong core values of consistency, transparency, and credibility will help us create and maintain long-lasting partnerships and relationships between our clients and candidates. People are our DNA”.

James Marroun, Founder & Managing Director

Our Vision

“To retain quality relationships with our candidates and clients through innovative and consistent processes coupled with open and transparent communication”

Our Values

Consistency – We follow processes and procedures and stay aligned with our brand.

Transparency – We will be honest and open in all communications.

Credibility – We do what we say we will do. We are genuine and authentic.

Innovative – We will continuously grow and evolve over time, using creative methods.

Diverse – We are inclusive and accepting of everyone.

James Marroun, Our Managing Director

James Marroun, the owner and Managing Director of TLH Recruitment, successfully built his team to exceed clients’ expectations with remarkable service. TLH Recruitment is renowned for its ‘disciple-focused’ consultants that don’t just fill employment vacancies but find the perfect match.

He built his business with the underlying mission that ‘People are our DNA’. TLH Recruitment is renowned for its flexible service that can adapt to business needs and grow while staying true to its core values. Since not all businesses are the same, James recognised how essential it is for a business to rely on a partner to help ease their transition and development.

We pride ourselves on being an industry leader, sourcing talent and providing tailored solutions to your organisation’s needs. You can count on us to uphold our strong core values of consistency, transparency, and credibility that foster our reputation of having successful, long-term client relationships.

Our highly experienced recruitment consultants focus on building networks in specialist areas so we can deliver the best talent pool to clients across many industries, from construction and hospitality to finance and payroll management. By leveraging industry knowledge, technology, and industry experience, we go above and beyond to ensure we understand, support and execute any recruitment requests that come our way.